What We Do


     NOTE: Auntie's Angels Inc. does not accept nor fulfill any requests for help to charities other than those listed on our website. Our main program is to help provide students with an education. We strictly enforce our rule of never giving any funding to a school, orphanage, church or otherwise unless we have personally made a visit to assess the needs of the NGO who has asked for our assistance. We realize there are many needs throughout Africa and other parts of the world but we must remain focused on our main project in order to provide adequate help to those we partner with. 


    Auntie's Angels Inc. provides sponsorship to students at Primary Schools. There are 2 levels of  sponsorship. Full sponsorship of a student is $15
    per month. Partial sponsorship is paid 3 times a year and covers only a child's school fees.
     In addition to our sponsorship program we also raise funds to provide the school with many other items they are in need of. To date we have provided the following items listed below.

    One or twice yearly we deliver food like sugar, beans and rice to families in rural villages as you'll see below.

    We also donated food and soap to patients in one hospital.



     2015 photo of child with food from a sponsor. 









      During    2011-2012 we as charity   provided
       1. Several Bunk beds for the boys dorm    

    2. Several mattresses for the boys and girls dorms.

    3. Hundreds of hygiene items including soap, toothpaste and  toothbrushes.

    4. Mosquito nets

    5. Blankets and sheets for many children

     6. Shoes for students

    7. School supplies for over 80 students  

    8. Clothes for over 150 students 

     Photo's of all the items our charity has donated are below.