Help us Build our School
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Goal: $6000.00 | Raised: $437.00 Started: September 12, 2017
Ended: December 1, 2017

Located on this beautiful land in Bujagali , Ivunamba Uganda

is where we hope to build a primary school for several hundred students.

With classrooms and an office and possibly dorms for students to live in.

Each room (office, classroom etc is typically costing $6,000

so we are asking donors to give brick by brick and bag by bag for cement.


$10 = 30 bricks and  we need 100

 people each giving $10 will buy our bricks

200 people giving $10 per bag of cement 

will equal of $2000. Plus labor and transport of materials $1000.  Its important to have our own school since quality education is really lacking in Uganda. Many schools cram students 50-100 per classroom and care very little about those they teach. Beating kids with sticks is also very common and we really want better care in general for all our kids  (current and future ones). Thanks for any donation you're able to give! This project will possibly take 3-5 years to complete an entire school. LETS MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE FOR KIDS IN UGANDA!

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