Buying Land/ Building a School
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Goal: $5000.00 Started: October 8, 2014
Ended: February 24, 2015

We have a dream to buy land in Uganda to one day have our own office and classrooms for

younger students! That way we can run a school with our staff who will make sure no

child is neglected or abused and can live up to their potential in a good environment .
Many schools in Africa will not care for students properly, poor feeding, overcrowding
in classrooms and beating students with sticks for wrongs answers or other minor things is very common. Safe drinking water and lack of school supplies are also issues students face and many become ill from parasites after drinking unboiled water .

Will you help our dream come true. $5,000 will cover only the purchase of 1 -2 acres of land. 
Additional funraising will take place at a later time once our 1st goal is met. Then we can begin

to also receive donatons to build classrooms and an office for our staff.

Thanks !

Top Donors

  1. Chosen Marathon - $4030.00
  2. Anonymous - $97.00
  3. Irene - $25.00
  4. Kaia - $10.00