Auntie's Angels Inc.

Auntie's Angels provides Uganda's most needy and vulnerable children with education, food and other basic needs. We give them the hope and care they need for a better life. Auntie's Angels Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
















    Provide your child with extra gifts not covered through sponsorship

    Buy a goat for your child's family, or any family in need  $35 each  for

    a young goat... Adult goats cost above $55. Thanks! 




     Buy Chickens for the kids they are only $8 each and they provide nutrition for the

    families who receive them. They can also be sold income and  the kids learn
    valuable skills in how to care for them and the other livestock .

    If you would like a specific child to receive an animal be sure to include their name
    in a message when you make your donation! Thanks!






         Buy extra  food for your child & family  $10 per child will cover things like salt, sugar, rice or beans